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Bar B Que Smokehouse Bistro 

Dear Bar B Que Smokehouse Bistro Friends and Family, 


 Bar B Que Smokehouse Bistro will be sold on October 17th.

The buyers of the restaurant are changing the concept.


What that means:

1). Our FINAL DAY of operation is THIS Saturday, October 15th. So you have this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday to eat your favorite BBQ. 


2). Since the buyers didn't buy "Bar B Que Smokehouse Bistro" - the brand/ he company - but rather just the space and most of the equipment, The Bar B Que Smokehouse Bisto and Catering Company is still for SALE! 

Bar B Que Smokehouse Bistro & Catering - the name, the logo, the phone number, the website, menus, the recipes, the smoker, key pieces of equipment, the catering van, the clientele list, the notoriety and more is still for sale and can be recreated at a new location. 

For $50,000.00, you or someone else, could resurrect this business in a new location. It could exist solely as a delivery/catering company operating out of a ghost kitchen or as a restaurant and catering company with a new location. The ground work has already been done. This is a profitable trend setting business, with a 26-year history of feeding Sonoma County. Our catering line rings every day. 


We're open one final week: Wednesday - SATURDAY (not Sunday)

11:30-8:00 ready to serve you. 

 We've already said this... but it begs repeating. 

Since announcing Larry's retirement, we have been deeply moved and grateful for the kind words so many of you have shared with us. We really had no idea how special this place is to SO many and its been heartwarming to hear from you. Some have gone so far as to deliver notes and essays of what the Smokehouse has meant to them. We have received visits from Larry’s colleagues from 30 years ago and messages from happy couples who’s weddings we catered through the decades. 

Thank you so MUCH for sharing these stories and gratitudes with us!   


We are thankful to our staff who have tirelessly served you, the local musicians who brought their magic to our stage, our local suppliers, winemakers, and brewers, and the lovely people of Sebastopol and beyond who have been our loyal customers and clients. Whether you dined in our charming garden under the oak trees, or experienced our food at countless weddings, birthday parties, festivals, memorials, family reunions and community events - the pleasure has been all ours.


Bon Voyage!

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